What changes will be made to JABS to display King County Superior Court data?

What is Changing?

Beginning July 15, 2019, the King County Clerk’s Office (KCCO) will no longer enter superior court data into JIS and SCOMIS. KCCO and AOC will implement a data exchange with the Enterprise Data Repository (EDR). JABS will retrieve data from the EDR, JIS, Odyssey, and SCOMIS to display a statewide view of case and person information.  In some instances, KCCO information will display differently.

See below for information on how KCCO data will display in JABS.  

Case Data:

  • Case balance and collection status is not available at this time.
    The collection status and balance columns of the ICH, DCH, and PDCH will display as “N/A”.
    KCCO NA data

  • Case data that does not match a statewide standard value will appear in green text.
    Data that comes from an EDR court which does not match a data standard, will appear as a code in green text. For a description of these codes, please contact the originating court.
    KCCO Code Description

  • Denied and Terminated orders entered prior to 11/13/2018 will not be available on the case or person orders tabs in JABS. Please contact the originating court for further information

  • Docket entries on a single day may appear out of order.
    KCCO Docket Date Out of Order

  • Local data that is not considered statewide will not be available. Please contact the originating court for further information.
    KCCO Plea Sentence Tab

  • New version of the Plea and Sentence tab has been developed for EDR court data.
    JIS, SCOMIS, and Odyssey courts will continue to use the existing versions of the Plea and Sentence tab.

  • Sub numbers will not be available.
    KCCO Sub Numbers Not Available

Person Data:

Person Search results in JABS do not show a visual indicator when person records are matched (aliased) through the EDR Person Matching process.

The EDR has a person matching process that programmatically evaluates person data to determine if a connection can be made between JIS person records and EDR persons. The purpose is to compile a statewide history between JIS and EDR courts.

In JABS, if a connection is made using the EDR person matching process, the case history will display on the ICH, DCH, and PDCH for all connected person records. Therefore, the information is available but there is no visual indicator on the Person Search results.

Some case and person data may take up to 24 hours to become available since data is sent nightly to the EDR. 

To view KCCO information only, users should visit the KCCO Portal at https://www.kingcounty.gov/courts/clerk/access-records/records-portal.aspx

Published 06/28/2018 10:02 AM   |    Updated 06/27/2019 03:44 PM