When is the next Title 26 training for Guardians ad litem (GALs)?

Complete information about guardians ad litem (GALs), including training opportunities, is located on the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) page on the Washington Courts Web site (under Programs and Orgs). Current training opportunities are located under the Training Opportunities link from the GAL page. If no current training opportunities are listed on this page, you may wish to contact the resources below:


  • The Continuing Legal Education page of the King County Bar Association lists Title 26 training most frequently for GALs. You may contact the Bar Association for the next training by calling (206) 267-7008 or (206) 267-7067. 
  • The Title 11 Guardian Ad Litem Handbook is also available from the King County Bar Association's Web site.
  • Thurston County Superior Court offers Title 26 training on a regular basis.  You may contact Thurston County Superior Court for the next training date by calling (360) 709-3201.
  • Other counties offer training less frequently. You may contact superior courts in any county in Washington from the Court Directory by County.

Additional information may be located on the Guardianship Portal.


See also:  Answer ID 150: Becoming a Guardian ad litem (GAL).

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