How does a Prosecutor or Public Defender access the JIS Print Calendar Screen (PCS)?


Beginning September 21, 2020, courts can request print domain access for their JIS-Link users to print calendars, dockets, and case financial histories from the Print Calendar Screen (PCS) in JIS.  The default option will allow all PCS for the JIS-Link user's new Print Domain. The default option will have all PCS requests returned to the JIS-Link user's new Print Domain where the JIS-Link user must Transfer/Download the reports to a printable format (Word, Excel, etc.) in order to print to their local printer.  Instructions for running reports from JIS-Link PCS Screen are found in the attachment at the bottom of this answer.


For audit purposes, courts are required to submit the JIS Manage ID form for each JIS-Link user who will need the new Print Menu access. The Site Coordinator at the Prosecutor's or Public Defender's office will need to provide the JIS-Link RACF ID and Users Name to the court for entry of the ManageID form


Prosecutor and/or Public Defender must have a current JIS-Link RACF ID, it not, you will need to email the AOC's JIS-Link Administrator at to request JIS-Link access. You will receive a Service Agreement and instructions, once the Service Agreement is completed return the document to AOC's JIS-Link Administrator.  AOC's JIS-Link Administrator will complete the set up in JIS-Link and assign a JIS-Link RACF ID.


When requesting PCS access, AOC Security will need the following information:

The user's JIS-Link RACF ID (This will need to be completed per user)

Name associated with the JIS-Link RACF ID

JIS-Link accounts will be added in the order in which they are received.



File Attachments

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