What publications are available from the Washington Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), how much do they cost, and how do I get them?

The Available Publications From Washington Courts page of the Washington Courts Web site contains a list of available publications, date published, available format, and cost.

When the available format is Paper Copy or Internet, the publication name is a link to Web page from which the publication can be printed or downloaded at no charge.  Publications where no link is provided must be ordered.  Click the Request link next to the desired publication to access the Request for Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Publications and Documents page.  From this page you may either print a Micosoft Word Version of the request form and mail it to the address provided with any applicable fee (payable by personal check, bank check, or money order), or you may fill out and send an Online Request Version.

When a request is received (by mail or online), the AOC will respond by:

  1. Providing the records requested;
  2. Informing the requester the records will be provided upon receipt of the payment to cover costs (if applicable);
  3. Informing the requester as to when the records will be reproduced and mailed;
  4. Seeking clarification as to the specific records requested; or
  5. Informing the requester the request is denied.

The AOC has determined it is not cost effective to charge for copying 50 pages or less, therefore the cost is waived.  For copying a total of more than 50 pages contained in one or more documents, there will be a charge of 15¢ per page, plus postage or delivery charges.

A denial of a request for copies of public records will be reviewed by the Administrator for the Courts within two business days.

RN id: 1247