What are the bail amounts for various offenses and what is the procedure to post bail or bond?

The current Washington State Bail Schedule is under the Resources heading on the News & Info page of the Washington Courts Website: www.courts.wa.gov. The Bail Schedule is sorted in numerical order by Law Number.

NOTE: The Bail amounts listed on the Washington State Bail Schedule are suggested base amounts only; actual bail amounts set on a case can be higher or lower than the amount listed on the Bail Schedule. Judges can use criteria such as the severity of charges or allegations, criminal history, and warrant history to determine what the bail amount will be after reviewing each individual case.

For more information about a specific law (Revised Code of Washington - or RCW), see the Washington State Legislature's Web site: http://www.leg.wa.gov/legislature. (See also: Answer ID 1713: Find an RCW for instructions on how to search for an RCW on the Legislature's Web site.)

For procedures regarding payment, forfeiture, refund, etc. of bail or bond amounts, see the Local Court Rules for the court to which the bail or bond has been or will be paid:

  1. From the Court Rules page of the Washington Courts Web site, scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. Under the Local Court Rules heading, click on the appropriate court level for the case: District Court Rules, Municipal Court Rules, or Superior Court Rules.
  3. Locate the court where bail or bond has been or will be paid.
  4. If Bail or Bond is not listed as a heading, press CTRL/F (hold down the CTRL key and press the F key) on your keyboard to display a Find box.  Type Bail (or Bond) in the Find box and click Next. Continue to press Next to locate all instances of Bail (or Bond) in the local court rule.

You may also contact a court directly to inquire about a bail or bond question.

Contact information and maps for all the courts in Washington State is located on the Inside Courts Web site Washington State Court Directories page.

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