I found the fine amount for my infraction online, but when I went to the court to pay the fine, they told me I owed more than the amount that showed online. Is that right?

You probably found the amount of the BASE penalty online, which excludes additional statutory assessments. 

BASE penalty amounts only are shown under Infraction Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction rule: IRLJ 6.2 - Monetary Penalty Schedule for Infractions. There is also information about base penalty and statutory assessments in Infraction Penalties - District and Municipal Courts

To see TOTAL penalty amounts, refer to the online Law Table located on the Resources, Publications, and Reports page of the Washington Courts Web site.

Specific questions about fine amounts for specific cases should be directed to the court in which the police officer filed your ticket.

Contact information and maps for all the courts in Washington State is located on the Inside Courts Web site Washington State Court Directories page.

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