Why am I receiving a letter from DOL saying my driving privileges may be suspended for a ticket I've already paid?

Beginning July 18, 2010, the Department of Licensing (DOL) stopped issuing and mailing notification of possible suspension letters to those persons who failed to pay, appear, respond, or comply to a citation.  The DOL process was corrected on September 12, 2010.  

In an effort to notify all drivers that potentially could have had their driving privileges suspended, DOL re-attached the failure to pay, appear, respond, or comply notifications for each case that had been received between July 18, 2010 and September 12, 2010.  This process generated the appropriate notification of possible suspension letters to be mailed to the driver's that could be affected.

Once all drivers were mailed their notifications, DOL re-processed those cases that had since been cleared by the courts, and DOL removed the pending suspension from the individual driving records.

1.  If you received a notification of possible suspension for a case that you believe should be cleared, please first verify  with DOL that your license status is still in a "Pending Suspension" status

2.  If DOL confirms that your license is still in a "Pending Suspension" status, and if you believe this is incorrect, contact the court that holds the citation that you allegedly failed to pay, appear, respond or comply.

RN id: 2182