Which courts accept electronic filings?

GR 30 sets forth statewide rules related to electronic filing (e-filing) of information, but it is up to the local court to decide whether or not e-filing will be allowed and what information may be e-filed.  Electronic case information is maintained by the local court and not by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).  The AOC does not have a list of which courts allow e-filing or what types of documentation and information the courts allow to be e-filed.  

Local court Web sites and local court rules may offer guidelines on e-filing in that particular court.

For example:

ee Kingcounty E-Filing.aspx for information on e-filing in the King County Superior Court and to view the local court rule LGR 30 (local court rule for King County Superior Court).  

Additionally, all state and local court rules can be accessed at http://www.courts.wa.gov/court_rules/

Links to the local courts' Web sites can be found on the individual court listing within the Court Directory

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