What does it mean if a "Non-charge" is listed on a Defendant Case History (DCH)?

A non-charge case is one in which the respondent is not charged with any state criminal statutes, but is opened for other purposes such as an extradition, material witness, or for conducting one or more preliminary appearances prior to the filing of an information (a Superior Court charging document). If an information is subsequently filed, the case will be counted the date the information is filed. Any proceedings held prior to the filing of an information will be recorded under the non-charge category on the caseload statistics report. A non-charge case is not a conviction nor is it opened for the purpose of recording a search warrant, wiretap authorization, or other non-respondent document(s); these documents are recorded within another application.

If an information is not filed, the non-charges will be disposed of by entering a resolution code in SCOMIS that will change the status code

For more information on reading a Defendant Case History, please see eService Answer - Interpreting codes on a Defendant Case History

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